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Another two weeks in pyjamas and sipping mocktails

Thank you President Cyril.

That was the right call and again not the easiest one to make.

So we’re back to working in our pyjamas and sipping those mocktails. Burning the midnight oil typing away at our keyboards, engaged in zoom, Microsoft teams and google hangouts.

The digital revolution has begun. Thank you to Covid-19. Organisations have been struggling for years to implement a remote workforce. With the swift passing of the lockdown, employees have been forced to embrace the digital age.

Organisations will not be the same after the lockdown. Or those that choose to accept the new reality.

My thoughts, they will be more output focused and more efficient. Which will be good for the economy.

So, while we have another two weeks to spend on reflecting…

How will you change the way you work after lockdown?

P.S. Spare a thought for the thousands of small businesses who are under tremendous financial pressure. Support your local small business where you can.

P.P.S Don’t forget to start your car. There’s nothing worse than getting to a car with a flat battery 🙁

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