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Are you losing motivation during the lockdown?

It’s easy to lose motivation when things aren’t working out…

But what happens when you are finally getting results…

But you’re still struggling to remain motivated…

Still having trouble taking action…

Still unable to remain consistent…

Welcome to the world of Identity Conflicts.

Most people don’t realize that Identify Conflicts are often the root cause of this…

A telltale sign is when you find yourself wanting to do something, but just can’t get yourself to do it…

And sadly those who become aware of the issue, will often try to solve it in ineffective ways…

You’ll hear things like “I just need to fix my mindset“, or… “push myself harder”

But Identity Conflicts are like quicksand… Trying to muscle your way out can create more harm than good.

Click here or on the video to listen to Dane Maxwell explain the identity conflicts

Another sure fire way to get motivation is to break down tasks into smaller micro tasks. The smaller the task the better. Something so small that will not take you longer than five minutes. Write that e-mail. Create the spreadsheet. Open the powerpoint presentation template.

Use a browser extension tool such as momentum, that will allow you to enter simple goals to tick off and one goal for the day.

3 IDEAS FROM James Clear


“Ultimately, the only way to truly be in control of your life is to be in control of your thoughts.”

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“Slow and steady often wins because it keeps you motivated.

Take on manageable challenges and you’ll get frequent signals of progress. Bite off more than you can chew and progress stalls.

When you make progress, you want to keep going. When you break progress, you want to stop.”

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“When you say no, you are only saying no to one option. When you say yes, you are saying no to every other option.

No is a choice. Yes is a responsibility.”

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