Feel like self-care is hard right now? (Us too)

Raise your hand if you’re taking care of kids, elderly parents, etc. and showers feel like a luxury right now! The AO+ mist may be just what you’re looking for. It refreshers your skin, and actually helps with body odour. Many people find they can shower less frequently with use MotherDirt.com Meet our Hero product, […]

Introducing the Body Line: 6 Facts About Our New Biome-Friendly Body Products

We’re so excited to be launching our Body Care line today. We don’t often get to launch a product because of the constraints of our biome-friendly product development platform. But here we are. Let us orient you real fast: 1. There are 2 Products First things first, there is a Body Wash and a Body Oil. They are […]


Your gut’s not the only important place that’s brimming with good bacteria to harness for your overall well-being—your face is, too. (Yes, ew. But it’s a good thing.) And just as your body’s microbiome—the collection of millions of tiny organisms that dictate everything from how you digest food to your metabolism—is an important factor in your overall wellness […]