Coronavirus might be the scariest thing, but it has an UPSIDE

We’re all in lockdown and practising social distancing armed with gloves, masks and hand sanitiser. Hypochondriacs are loving this. With latex gloves and all of the hand sanitizers going round, they’re in seventh heaven. For the rest of us, well… It takes some time to get used to. So here’s what’s changed for most who […]

The best delay spray on the market

How do you determine the best product that’s available on the market? This is how I do it… What do the customer reviews say ? Are there any scientific studies to back it up ? and lastly, how long has the product/brand been around? When it comes to delay sprays, Promescent has been around the […]

For the month of love, Massive discounts on Promescent

For the month of February, there are massive savings on Promescent. Get a Trial bottle for the low price of R499! A Standard bottle for a crazy R1499! Yes, you read that correctly! But only for the month of February. So hurry before stocks run out. Save even more when you subscribe to these deals. […]

Lower your blood pressure to increase your performance in the bedroom

Studies have shown that a significant increase in blood pressure can leads to a decrease in sexual performance. According to the Mayo clinic it can affect both men and women Challenges for women High blood pressure’s effect on sexual problems in women isn’t well-understood. But it’s possible that high blood pressure could affect a woman’s […]