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Can you believe it?
The second month of the new decade is almost done. Now that we’re in full 2020 mode we’d love to offer you some sublime deals on our best selling products.

Get up to 50% off selected products. Lock in these discounts if you subscribe to receive products monthly. Yes, you can keep getting these discounts on subscribed products. Cancel your subscriptions at any time. 

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These specials end on the 29 of February 2020.

These specials have now ended

The ever-popular products from BullyMax. If you need to bulk up your dog, give it more strength or just all-around vitality, then the BullyMax range of products is what you need.

  • Build Muscle, Add Mass & Size
  • 100% safe for all breeds – no side effects
  • Trusted by vets, K9 units & champion breeders
  • Improves health, energy & recovery


Bully Max works for all breeds, and is especially popular with Pit Bull owners. Bully Max is perfect for dogs who:

  • Are underweight or scrawny (“hard keepers”)
  • Need strength or energy to perform at a peak level
  • Require extra nutrition to be healthy
  • Want to look and feel their best

For the overall health of your fur-baby, Zesty Paws provides you with a range of products to keep your fur-baby healthy and strong. Made in the USA with love and care. These supplements are TaylorMade to ensure that fido enjoys having them.

The Zesty Paws Difference

We collaborate with some of the industry’s brightest minds and top ingredient brands to bring you exciting new breakthroughs that the science of pet nutrition has to offer. We’re relentless in our research in discovering, and sometimes rediscovering ingredients that truly benefit your pet’s health and wellness.

Swanwick provides quality products to make you sleep like a baby. The award winning blue blocking glasses cuts out blue light and allows your body to generate natural melatonin. This increase in melatonin leads to a deeper and more restorative sleep.  To keep this blissful sleep state, Swanwick have designed a sleep mask that wraps around your face. Made of pure silk, this luxurious mask keeps out and light to allow you to continue sleeping.

Take Back Control

Developed by urologists, recommended by thousands, used by millions. Whether it’s premature ejaculation, a partner that’s slow to climax, or just the pride of endurance, everyone wants to last longer in bed.

Enjoy Longer-Lasting Sex

Fact: An IRB certified clinical study says men who use Promescent last longer in bed.

Another fact: With over one million bottles sold and thousands of five-star reviews, our customers seem to agree.

Simple yet Scientific

Using TargetZone™ technology, a few sprays is all you’ll need. Activates in just minutes, subtly muting sensations to the penis allowing you to stay in full control. Easy application, long-lasting and creates just the right mood

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