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Feel like self-care is hard right now? (Us too)

Raise your hand if you’re taking care of kids, elderly parents, etc. and showers feel like a luxury right now! The AO+ mist may be just what you’re looking for. It refreshers your skin, and actually helps with body odour.

Many people find they can shower less frequently with use


Meet our Hero product, the AO+ Mist.

It contains a patented probiotic that restores an essential good bacteria to your skin. Known as a peacekeeper, our Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB)

  • Harmonises your skin microbiome so the bad doesn’t overpower the good
  • Naturally balances dry, oily, sensitive and problems skin
  • Used to live on our skin naturally until modern hygiene destroyed it

Give yourself a spritz twice a day

On your face and anywhere on your body your skin needs a little TLC in the morning and at night, after your shower and before bed.

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