Does your fur baby struggle to walk because of weak legs?

Your fur baby has been your trusted companion for years and has provided you with unconditional love throughout the years.

No questions asked.

As time has passed she has aged much faster than you. Her legs are not as strong as it used to be and she struggles to climb up and down stairs and is increasingly finding walking about more and more painful. Due to her limited movement, she is becoming more lethargic. Getting her to move will reduce the lethargy and strengthen her joints.

If she does not get her daily exercise her condition will deteriorate much faster. Taking her for a walk has become very difficult for her and for you. Trying to give her enough support while walking is almost impossible.

But there is hope.

Liz from GingerLead has designed the perfect sling and lift harness to provide dogs with limited mobility to move easier.

With the Gingerlead, your fur baby will :-

– Climb stairs easier
– Get in and out of your car with ease
– Enjoy a gentle stroll while getting the much-needed exercise

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