Good for your munchkin’s ears

We know that it is a busy life, between kids, work and trying to have a social life. Juggling the life of a mom is difficult. Yet, we enjoy every moment of it. There are times however when we need some peace and quiet. To give your child some alone time so you can have alone time. This usually results in handing a child a tablet or a smartphone to consume some content.

I’ve raised my voice several times while my children were plugged into their headphones. Too the point that I get frustrated that they’re not hearing me. The volume of these headphones is turned up so loud, that all that they can hear is the instructions to making slime or listening to a youtube video. To boot, listening to high volume content can be potentially harmful to your children’s hearing.

We have come across the perfect headphone for kiddies. It comes in various colours and animals. For example the ivory panda, green frog or the orange fox. The headphones have been volume limted to ensure that your child can still hear you.

Get these headphones which are good your munchkins ears whilst she can still enjoy her favourite youtube videos.

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