Hack your way to easier sleep while you travel ✈️

Yesterday we mentioned the importance of sleep and the quality of life. Today we’d like to introduce to you one of the products which are going to help you with your sleep.

The six habits mentioned by the Mayo clinic are invaluable in changing your sleep patterns.


Whether you’re a shift worker looking to get some quality sleep during the day or a night owl looking to get some quality sleep in the early hours of the morning. It will also work if you’re a regular 8 hour snooze kind of person.

Sleep becomes so important when traveling. Your circadian rhythms shifts according to the time zone.

Sourced from Swanwick Sleep

Nap as much as you can. Get a comfortable neck pillow and use a good quality sleep mask. Swanwick sleep has developed the ultimate sleep mask. It’s oversized. So it covers your eyes without letting in any light. It’s made of silk. Luxurious silk caresses your skin and does not feel uncomfortable.

They come in a gorgeous black and light blue.

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