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Introducing the Body Line: 6 Facts About Our New Biome-Friendly Body Products

We’re so excited to be launching our Body Care line today. We don’t often get to launch a product because of the constraints of our biome-friendly product development platform. But here we are. Let us orient you real fast:

1. There are 2 Products

First things first, there is a Body Wash and a Body Oil. They are both delightful (though we realize we are biased!).

2. The Body Wash is Concentrated — Here’s What That Means:

Even though you might see water listed as the first ingredient, it’s something we spend a lot of time trying to mitigate for various reasons. < Read more about that here: Good or Bad: Water in your skincare formula? > For the Body Wash formula, we worked with a third party lab to measure the water content of our Body Wash alongside the top performing body washes in the category. Our Body Wash demonstrated low water content relative to the category. We also hope to send the subtle message that less is more, and that you don’t truly need that much to get clean.

3. Our Body Oil Has a Scent — It’s the First Time We’re Formulating With an Essential Oil (Lemongrass) 

Up until now, all of our products have been “unscented,” meaning we have not implicitly added any ingredient or raw material with the intention of providing a scent. In addition to our usual, carefully screened biome-friendly ingredients, you’ll also notice the addition of Cymbopogon flexuosus, aka lemongrass oil. Formulating with a scent or essential oils is complicated from a biome-friendly standpoint, but also tricky because our customers commonly have sensitive skin. < Read about how we navigated this: Our First Formula with an Essential Oil: The 4 Key Things That Shaped This Process > Heads up…it’s TMI on essential oils, but it’s all there! 

4. Our Body Wash Bottle is 100% PCR

This means it comes from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. We are proud of this bottle for that reason, but are hungry to do more on this front across our whole line. Our first priority is ensuring a pure and high quality product at your door and unfortunately our biome-friendly process limits our options here greatly. Some may think opting to avoid plastic packaging is easy, but it is much more complicated. That doesn’t mean we will shy away. Expect to be hearing more from us on these points as we share more about our decision making process, sustainability values, and steps ahead.

5. The Body Oil is Fast Absorbing & Comes in a Spray 

It’s all about convenience. Applying Body Oils can be messy, not this one. This formula dries down very quickly and the spray pattern is so precise and easy to use. Read the reviews and you will see what all the love is about.

6. Is it for you? You choose. 

Personal care is personal. Some are loving the Foaming Cleanser for their body, and some are also loving our Moisturizer (especially in the new packaging) for their body. Some are barely using either and feeling great because of the powerhouse AO+ Mist. If it’s working for you, awesome! For others, who are looking to cover more surface area and a different type of texture, the Body Line might be a great thing to try.

From the tens of thousands of customer service questions, we know everyone has a different routine, a different starting point, and a different path to how they got there and want to proceed from there. We don’t want to make everyone do the same thing. Instead, we want to meet people where they are and help give them the information they need so that they can make the right decision for themselves. This way, we hope, we can create low barriers for people to swap one of their conventional products, for our biome-friendly ones, but only if they so choose. We have lots of thoughts on this which you can also read here. < What Is The Ideal Skincare Or Hygiene Routine? >

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