Making love should be pain-free

I was quite astonished after speaking to one of my closest friends. During some small talk we got onto the subject of his love life. He was only married for 5 years and I was keen to know whether his sex life was still thriving. His first response was that it was painful for his wife to have sex. Thus making it not a very pleasurable experience.

Being in their mid 30’s I thought this was more of an older couples problem. But apparently it’s becoming the norm for females not to enjoy sex due to vaginal dryness. Normally this is associated with menopause which occurs later in life.

According to netdoctor about 17% of women between 18-50 experience vaginal dryness. There are various factors which could lead this condition. Besides pain during sexual intercouse it could also lead to infection such as thrush.

There are various estrogen ointments which can help the natural lubrication process. The more immediate solution is to embrace lubricants. Lubricants can instantly provide the necessary conduit for a pleasurable experience. It’s a simple as wax on, and we’re good to go.

The makers of promescent have produced two variants :

1. water based

2.silicone based

The water based lubricant is easily absorbed by the skin and does not have a long lasting effect. So it’s convenient for a no mess no fuss approach.The silicone lubricant has a longer lasting effect but should not be used with silicone toys. Both variants are compatible with latex condoms.

If you’re planning on having a shower or hot tub session, the silicone based lubricant is perfect for this environment.

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