My computer won’t let me sleep

Yes, sounds like a scenario from a George Orwell novel. My computer turned robot is now controlling my every move. When to eat, when to sleep, when to go to the damn toilet!

Imagine that! The Orwellian future…

But this scenario was less sinister.

I’ve been struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep. Maybe it was the addiction to working late nights. Or so I thought.

My friend, who is a hard core gaming enthusiast, also expressed the same concern.

It was not about the late nights, but the quality of sleep we were getting.

Some Googling between the two of us and we stumbled on the holy grail.

At first we did not believe it….

But then as we tried it, our sleep patterns got better.

We still had the late nights, but we got out of bed feeling refreshed.

What we found was the blue light being emitted from our computer screens/TV’s/Lighting was fooling our bodies into thinking that it was still day.

So at 1am, we’re ready to go to bed, but then our brain tells us the sun hasn’t really set!

And so the battle begins.. The tossing and turning…

And yet the solution to this problem was a simple one.

Put on a pair of these stylish looking Blue Blocking glasses and our brain is restored to night time mode…

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Swannies Gamer and Computer Eyewear for Deep Sleep , Digital Eye Strain Prevention,FDA Registered Company,Swanwick Sleep


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