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Fur Babies profiled

Meet rosie

Strength 63%
Weight 100%
Overall Health 83%

Thank you to Rosie’s pet parent, Adele, for writing this lovely piece.

Rosie was born in the small west coast town of Jacobsbay.
Rosie adores children and often visits pre and primary schools to teach children all about taking care of a pet. Her favorite chew is a massive ostrich bone and nothing stops her to carry this massive bone (twice the size of her head) up two flights of stairs to take a nibble at night.

She is a keen jogger and up front on the out run, which often results in her having to walk back seeing that she was too eager to sprint and forgot that the south easter is waiting on the return run.

Her best friend is a 6 year old boy and they can play for hours. Sometimes they get up to a bit of mischief and both can get a bit upset with each other, but when he is afraid of the dark he just calls Rosie to walk with him, and she is by his side.

She loves playing ball, and many a ball game ends with Rosie stealing the ball. No day ends without a cuddle, and if anyone is sad Rosie will make sure she tries to cheer you up.

Rosie is fortunately a very healthy dog and uses two Zesty Paws supplements. For daily well-being she
takes AllerImmune. With the main ingredient being colostrum it supports her immune system, while the Epicor improves her respiratory barrier – which is very important for when she visits her daycare. 

The probiotic content of this supplement also ensures her oral and gut flora are balanced. With more than 70% of the immune system situated in the gut this also keeps her in tip top shape.

Rosie loves her food but if she eats anything too fatty, she might get an upset tummy. This rarely happens but the more concentrated Probiotic supplement from Zesty Paws is then at hand to ensure with the pumpkin fibre and papaya enzymes that her stomach is back to normal quickly. This probiotic also have a bacteria that is protected from the stomach acids and only works in the small intestine where it is needed.

Both these supplements Rosie takes with ease and when the cupboard opens she is there for her daily nutritional support.


Strength 40%
Weight 20%
Overall Health 50%

ISIS is a loveable bully who underwent deworming and is struggling to pickup weight. Her pet parent has decided to try out Bully Max to increase her weight and add some muscle mass.

Meet gunner

Strength 60%
Weight 70%
Overall Health 65%

Gunner is a loveable 9 week old Pitbull, born and raised in Barberton. He’s the brother to ISIS. Altough only 9 weeks old, his pet parent says that his a “real operator”. In typical pitbull fashion, always on the move.

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