Dog and puppy training techniques


The Best Dog Training Methods For Dogs and Puppies

When you start doing your research, you run into multiple training techniques.
This gets you to thinking about the choice you’re going to make. You might ask yourself some of thefollowing questions.

  • Which method should you choose to train your dog?
  • Is one better than another for your breed of dog?
  • Are some techniques better suited for puppies than middle-aged or adult dogs?
  • Can you harm your dog or make things worse by using the wrong type of training?
  • How do you get started? What’s the first thing you should do?
  • Should you handle the training yourself or get a professional involved?


These are all good questions. We’ll cover these and more in this guide to the most
common dog training techniques. You will get a look at some methods that have
been around seemingly forever. There are some training strategies that have
been developed and refined much more recently.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of older, traditional dog training methods and
newer techniques. You’ll find that some might make more sense for you and your
dog than others. If you try several different strategies you might find more
success with one than the rest.

Just remember, results aren’t all that matters. The health and welfare of
your dog should be the most important consideration.

Training methods should leave your dog’s emotions and mental state intact. After
all, wouldn’t you rather have a dog that loves and respects you rather than one
that only does what you want out of fear?

One of the oldest dog training techniques involves negative reinforcement,
dominance and punishment. Dogs are punished when they do something wrong.
This makes them scared to make a decision. After all, if they choose the wrong
behavior they know they’re going to be punished. They’re so scared of making the
wrong decision that they don’t do anything, and this can frustrate both the dog
and you.


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