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  • Have you tried getting hold of your kids when they’re at school, at their friends or on a play date ?
  • Do you have to phone someone close by?

  • What if there’s no one close or they’re not picking up their phone ?
    Get the smartwatch for your kids, the one that matters!

    A Smart watch with a built in smartphone.  Just insert a sim card, and you’re good to go.


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Slap on wrist strap. Easy for kids to put on and take off…

Works on any cellular network

Can be used with a prepaid or contract sim. Does not require DATA to operate.

Large colour display, for kids to read the time

Large colour display allows kids to read the time and contact details. Missed calls, message indicators are also displayed

Easy call function from address book

Pre-defined numbers loaded onto the Sim card. Watch can only call those numbers and only those numbers can call the watch. It’s a closed loop system. No foreign numbers calling your child.

Date and time display

Display the current date and time

Watch can be set to silent, vibrate mode.

No disturbing other kids in class.  The powerful vibrate function will alert your child of an incoming call/message

Locate watch

Locate watch without using GPS functionality.  Through services such as look for me (Vodacom). Location based tracking

Set multiple alarms

Remind child of breaks, wake time, etc

Optimal speaker volume

Speaker volume is at the optimum level. Use the phone in company and it will not disturb others

Long battery life

Has a battery life of 72 hours on standby. 4 hours of talk time.  Average battery lifecycle is about 3 days before needing a charge

Perfect gift

Makes the perfect gift. Kids love the funky design of the watch. The packing of the watch reminds kids of a puzzle. Gift to be opened and explored!

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  1. Portia

    I’m a working mom. Getting hold of my kids is a priority. With changing times at school, extra-curricular activies and organising a play date, I know that I can always be in contact with my little one.

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