Swanwick Sleep 100% Pure Silk Eye Mask for Sleeping – Oversized Luxury Eye Mask to Banish Light for Traveling, Meditation, Afternoon Naps, Shift Workers


  • VOTED NO. 1 Best High End Sleep Mask 2017 by Wiki Reviews!
  • THE SOLUTION is a deep, refreshing night’s rest with a deliberately oversized, 100% pure natural silk sleeping mask and eye shade to shut out the maximum amount of distracting light. Padded strap prevents hair entanglement.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS of silk include anti-ageing, anti-skin irritation. Smooth natural fibers keep moisture close to the skin for maximum hydration resulting in fewer fine lines (wrinkles). Contains natural substances that ward off environmental nasties such as dust mites, mold, and fungus.
  • AMAZING FEATURES of silk include high absorption of moisture and quick drying. Silk is strong and durable and its smooth surface resists dirt and odors. An all-climate fabric, silk is warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise.
  • PERFECT ACCESSORY for light sleepers, shift workers, travelers, meditators and afternoon naps.

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Having trouble sleeping? Is light from the moon, street lights & alarm clocks keeping you awake at night? 

Experts say the ideal conditions for sleeping is a completely dark room. In the modern world of artificial light and odd work hours it can be impossible to achieve. The consequences of poor sleep are serious.
According to research, sleep deprivation causes chronic health problems both mental & physical and negatively impacts your quality of life. Experts say bad sleep causes high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, lowered sex drive, depression, reduced brain function, increased risk of accidents & more. This is the solution. Enjoy a deep, refreshing night’s slumber with Swanwick Sleep’s 100% Pure Silk Oversized Sleep Mask.
This luxury eye mask & blindfold creates the ideal sleep environment no matter where you are by blocking out the maximum amount of light.
The lightweight eyeshade allows your eyes to relax naturally; ideal for travellers, shift workers, afternoon naps, meditation & more.
Caress your face with silk’s amazing health benefits.
Research shows therapeutic properties include anti-ageing & easing symptoms of menopause & skin conditions.
Smooth, natural fibers keep moisture close to the skin for maximum hydration resulting in fewer lines (wrinkles).
Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic: silk’s natural protein structure wards off nasties such as dust mites, mold, & fungus.
Silk dries quickly, absorbing perspiration while letting your skin breathe.
Silk is strong & durable & resists dirt and odors.

Add Swanwick Sleep’s 100% Pure Silk Sleep Mask to your nightly routine for a deep and refreshing night’s slumber.

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