The best delay spray on the market

How do you determine the best product that’s available on the market?

This is how I do it…

  • What do the customer reviews say ?
  • Are there any scientific studies to back it up ?
  • and lastly, how long has the product/brand been around?

When it comes to delay sprays, Promescent has been around the longest. It was formulated by a Urologist and is being recommended by doctors to their patients suffering from premature ejaculation. Promescent is the only delay spray to be clinically proven to increase men’s performance between the sheets by up to 64%!

This is what our customers have to say about Promescent :

“For men who lasted only seconds, Promescent can extend the time before they ejaculate to almost 4 minutes.”

Songs that croon about “doing it all night long” paint a lovely (if exhausting) picture of glistening, naked ecstasy. But in reality, the male reproductive system just wasn’t built for that. In fact, there’s a standard “rest period” between orgasms that you really can’t do that much about.⁠

That sleepy, satisfied — and very mandatory — recovery process (how long guys have to wait between orgasms) is called the refractory period, and it can last anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours or even a few days, depending on your age and other factors.⁠

But sometimes, you feel like your mind is still turned on but your body is done for the night. That’s ok, there are different things you can do take to further enjoy your night after a steamy sesh.⁠

▶️Once you’ve ejaculated, your waiting period kicks in before you can get an erection and get to it again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prolong your sexual pleasure (and your partner’s!) the first time around.⁠

▶️Introduce foreplay before beginning penetrative sex to get your partner on your level, so to speak: Focusing on their pleasure points and bringing them closer to the brink of orgasm themselves means you both have a better chance of achieving orgasm together once penis-to-vagina contact begins.⁠

▶️Or, use Promescent Climax Delay Spray to keep yourself going strong for longer! Our product has been shown to increase the time it takes to orgasm by up to 64 percent — that’s a lot of time to enjoy each other during your first go.⁠

👅Both of these methods mean you’ll be less likely to have to wait through your refractory period to ensure your partner is satisfied — and more likely to collapse in a sexy, exhausted heap together when you’re done.⁠

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