Tired of working from home?

Working from home can be fun.

You have the extra time to take care of your kids, pets and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Well…. this works with a bit of balance. Getting out of the house, go for a walk, do a bit of exercise or just visit your favourite restaurant.

But wait.

It’s the bloody lockdown.

Yes, it’s necessary.

It will flatten the curve and we’re thankful to the government for taking preventative action.

The lockdown, however, does not provide you with the necessary balance to have some “me” time as you’re confined in your house.

So besides eating more and you’re working even hard!

Some food for thought…

You are more productive at home 🙂

No distractions at the water cooler or having those long chats about Chicago fire/med/etc. Your productivity has just sky rocketed.

Give yourself a high five!

So, your boss is smiling!

It’s time to turn the tables…

Chances are you’re working on on computer…

Go visit this video on youtube... Zoom in full screen..

Take a pic and send it to your boss…

Who’s smiling now?

Disclaimer: Sending images to your boss is at the your own risk 🙂

Leave us a comment below on the response you got…

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