Why use a skin recovery kit?

Does your skin seem dull and uninspired? Well, your skin really wants to shine. It’s been scrubbed, and rubbed, and masked, and let’s be honest, some of what you do in the service of beautiful skin may be harming it. Your skin craves the same care and hydration that the rest of your body does and you should be feeding it in the same way you would nourish your body. You might consider using a skin recovery system like Mother Dirt’s 3-step kit. Think of it like a ‘cleanse’ or a reset for your skin.

Why a Skin Recovery Kit?

You know how you feel after the Holidays? …all that ‘cheer’ eventually catches up to you and you begin to recognize that your body probably needs a reset. So, you clean up your diet, get more sleep, drink more water, and maybe up your activity level. Well, your skin could benefit from the same type of ‘reset’. Some of the products you are using may actually turn out to be the equivalent of ‘junk food’ for your skin. Harsh chemicals, preservatives, harsh scrubs and acidic toners may be stripping your skin of it’s natural glow and health.

How Do I Find a Replenishing Skincare Routine?

Regaining the natural health of your skin is the first step in recovering your skins’ natural glory and looking for biome-friendly, natural products is a good starting point. Check the labels and look for ingredients that are vegetable-derived and unpreserved, products that have no added heavy fragrances, harsh chemicals, allergens, and/or irritants. It is always advisable to look for skincare products that have been dermatologist reviewed, clinically tested, are biome-friendly and formulated to protect your skin’s delicate microflora. A simple 3-step routine consisting of a mild, natural cleanser, a replenishing, harsh chemical-free moisturizer, and a nourishing, biome-supporting mist is a quick, and simple way to recover your skin’s health.

What is Biome-Friendly and Why is it Beneficial?

Biome-Friendly describes a product that won’t interfere with the naturally occurring (and beneficial) biological home that keeps your skin in balance. Harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, and surfactants found in many soaps and body washes can destroy the naturally occurring bacteria that populate your skin. These bacteria are beneficial for maintaining your skin’s natural balance and removing them can have adverse effects, cause irritation, dryness, and rashes.

Your skin has its’ own ‘beneficial’ bacteria and finding products that not only support it, but help to replenish that elegant eco-system allows your skin to not only look better and cleaner, but become fundamentally healthier. Side benefit: healthier for you may also be healthier for the planet.

Let Your Face Shine

Remember that your skincare ‘routine’ should be simple. Find an all in one kit that consists of no more than 3 products, are eco-friendly and support the skin’s natural ability to recover. Keep it simple, keep it natural, and keep it consistent. Your skincare routine should be as easy as 1-2-3!!!

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