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Your dog hopes you will read this

You know to be at your best, you need to feel good.

Well, for your dog it is exactly the same.

Itchy skin, sneezing, and an upset tummy are all things that stop your four-footed friend from enjoying life as much as it can.
And you, whether it’s technically your dog or not, knows as whose responsibility the wellbeing of everyone under your roof ends up. Between looking after your kids, managing the household, checking on relatives, and finding the time to do your job as well, the last thing you need is a dog who constantly needs to be carted off to the vet.

Of course, you care about this pet, but it would be easier if its allergies could be dealt with before they became serious. And now they can. Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Bites contain a wide variety of special ingredients that
will help your dog fight food, skin and seasonal allergies.

What’s more, your dog will love these soft chews, so you don’t have to struggle to get them down its throat. In fact, especially after it stops itching and sneezing, it will love you all the more for it. And it could cost you as little as R1 per day.

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