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13 Totnes Avenue, Camps Bay, Cape Town, 8005 

Phone : 0860 994 160

Nate from Cape Town was so excited about trying the product, here’s what he had to say :

“I used to get the gold medal for coming first… now I’m happy with a silver or bronze.

My wife gets gold every time now!”

Well done Nate!



Convenient pocket-size for men on the go!! About the size of a lip balm stick.

The trial size bottle is designed as a single use bottle and contains approximately 10 sprays. Some men just like the convenience of having a small bottle that’s easy to carry around. Many men have a standard metered-dose bottle for their home and carry a trial size for the night out.

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Optimum control for the highest sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

A large number of men who order the trial size turn right around and order a standard metered dose bottle within a week or so. Why not go straight to the “big bottle”?

The standard metered dose bottle contain approximately 60 sprays. The standard metered dose bottle delivers an accurate amount of active ingredient with each spray. It’s the best way to optimize control for a heightened sexual experience.

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Premium Lubricated condoms

Ultra Thin for that skin to skin feeling

Promescent® Ultra Thin condoms are designed to help things feel more natural for both partners during intercourse.

It allows you to practice safe sex and also feel what you really want to feel!

Made from premium quality latex, Ultra Thin condoms are thinner than our other condoms and feature a special reservoir tip for extra safety.

Ribbed for extra pleasure

Promescent® Ribbed condoms are designed to increase stimulation for both partners during intimacy.

Delicate ribbing along the length of the condoms provides an intense and new sensation for you and your partner.

Only made from high-quality latex, these Ribbed condoms also contain silky smooth lubricant inside and out for extra comfort during intercourse.

Female Arousal Gel

They say the smallest things make the biggest impact.

With just one pea-sized drop of our clitoral gel, you can experience sex or solo masturbation like you’ve never thought was possible.

A hybrid lube containing both properties from water and silicone lube gives the gel a viscous and super smooth feeling when applied.

Experience intense buzzing and tingling sensations that excite during your most intimate of moments.


VitaFLUX by Promescent is a supplement product designed to improve overall circulation health for both men and women.

VitaFLUX is specifically formulated to boost your body’s Nitric Oxide, improve your body’s circulation, lower high blood pressure, and improve your body’s endothelium health. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, VitaFLUX is a great vitamin supplement to have in your medicine cabinet:

P2L Personal Lubricant 

Promescent is proud to introduce a new line of premium lubricants designed to moisturize, lubricant, and enhance comfort during intimate sexual activity!

The First time – Pete from Johannesburg

Remember the first time you had sex with your wife ?

It was exciting and a new experience.

You only had that one first time with her. Then you got married, had the kids. After many years you know everything  about her in the bedroom.

Then one day you discover Promescent. Not only do you surprise yourself but you take her breath away!

There’s only one more thing you need besides Promescent, it’s more stamina to keep on going!

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Nicole – Cape Town

My husband and I would like to thank you promescent for your great product. It has helped transform our sex life.It look us a few tries to find out what exactly works for us. But in the end we used 10 sprays, waited 25 minutes and would use a condom this combination really worked well for us. My husband is now able to last anywhere between 10-15minutes.He’s a lot more confident in bed and for that I can only say thank you! He’s able to maintain his erection even with 10 sprays and he doesn’t feel like promescent interferes with he’s climax. I am very impressed with your product and can easily recommend it to others.My husband is very very sensitive and I honestly feel if it can work for him it can work for anyone. I love that there is no transference the condom is more for protection but it also adds in delaying him a bit more.I would recommend 1st time users buy the bigger bottle as there is more to experiment with, and just play with the ratios until you find what works best for you.Again thank you very much for this great product it helps men take back their confidence!

Carrie C

As a wife, I often hear “Sorry” in our 27 year marriage. Turn about is fair play. Our love life has gotten more vigorous and much longer due to Promescent. I’m having to say “Sorry” for not being able to hold sex positions long enough. I’ve actually started Yoga to help keep up. I am really “Sorry” this wasn’t available when we were in our 20’s.

I have become the instigator and am leave the bottle out as a signal that tonight should be something special. Thanks so much.

Don C

Best new product I’ve ever purchased. The “Hitachi Magic Wand” for men, now indispensable in our love life. I was quite skeptical after years and years of trying to figure out some solution. I stalled for months trying to figure out if this was just another “wild goose chase”. Gentlemen it is NOT! My first efforts were disappointing because I didn’t wait long enough for it to take effect. Once I figured that out, this has been golden.

Hope the product is still selling well. I will order again soon.PS – I also, anonymously, sent a bottle to an old buddy. Everyone has a close friend where you joke about PE. So, I sent it along. Hope he will become a customer for you too.




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